3 Myths about Tuition Centres in Singapore Busted

If you are like most Singaporeans, you think that…

  • Tuition centres guarantee success.
  • Tuition centres with more toppers are good.
  • Tuition centres are only for average learner or underperformer.

If you think like that, you should think again. These are common misconceptions about tuition centres. To ensure efficient learning to your kids, you shouldn’t believe them anymore.

Here we have debunked such myths about tuition centres in Singapore.

Myth # 1: Tuition Guarantees Success


Most people think that tuitions are the way to improve the grades. Tuitions ensure good results only when a student is dedicated and shows interest in learning. Even a good tutoring doesn’t work unless a student shows interest and dedication. Tuition is just an extra assistance to the school learning, it’s not a magic formula.

Myth # 2: Tuition Centre with More Toppers is Good


Many coaching institutes in Singapore advertise their toppers to show how efficient they are in tutoring. Are they really efficient?

First of all, most of these institutes require students to pass an admission test, which may be difficult. This way, they get promising students in their batch. Toppers are also opting for tuitions to enhance their performance. It simply means that students are already performing well before getting admission to these tuition centres. Will they help average students improve their grades? This is a real challenge which also determines their efficiency.

Myth # 3: Only Average Students Need Tuition:


Not necessarily. Many brilliant students seek tuitions to score 10 out of 10 or to remain consistent.

So these are some misconceptions about tuition centres in Singapore you shouldn’t believe anymore. Instead, prefer track records, testimonials, and your kid’s requirement.