5 Exploring things in Singapore

So, if we you are planning to visit Singapore, this article will help you in planning your activities there.

  1. Ease-Up with Fish Spa:
    Ease-Up with Fish SpaLet your body relax and plunge your feet into a pool of warm water and fine therapists. You need to just sit back and relax and the silvery scaled small fishes would mesmerize you with their little mouths.
  2. Get sporty with Night Race:

    Get sporty with Night Race
    If you are a great sport lover then plan to visit Singapore in September so as to participate and enjoy the Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS) all day and night along with the fun of eating, shopping ,music and much more.

  3. Art lovers at Victor
    Art lovers at Victoria Theatre
    For all those who love art, Singapore, with all due respect presents to you some of its most prominent art events at the famous Victoria Theatre and Concert hall.

  4. Drive into Marine:
    Drive into Marine

    Are you a marine life lover?  If yes, here is definitely something great for you- the Marine Life Park where you can explore the marine world and fall in love with ocean animals.
  5. Hangout at Club Street:
    If you want to freak out with your friends with cocktails and drinks, disco and music, pubs and bars, the Club Street is the place for you to hangout.
      • Art lovers at Victoria Theatre
      • Get sporty with Night Race
      • bar
      • Ease-Up with Fish Spa
      • Drive into Marine