6 Famous Singapore Foods to eat before you die

Singapore is a palate that offers MULTI CUISINE foods to die for. A local Singaporean will know what it’s like savoring local foods at the hotspot hawkers, food courts in fancy malls or at the decade old vintage shop-houses. While we cannot fly you to this heart of South Asia, we can definitely bring a hint of its most delectable flavors, which are worth dying for.

1. Bak Kut The

Bak Kut The

In simple words, it’s a kind of meat bone tea or a pork ribs soup. Today, it’s a must-have delicacy that has found room in most fancy restaurant menus and popular street side stalls but it has an ironic yet interesting fable attached to it.

Once a beggar went to a roadside noodle stall and begged for some food. The hawker, himself short on means, decided to help him anyway. He boiled some leftover pork bones, added some random spices and served it to him. This is how the tea-like pork bone soup was born. However humble, it’s a delicacy that oozes taste-tickling flavors with all the spices and the goodness of meat.

2. Wanton Mee

Wanton Mee
You must taste this sinful work of devil. It’s a Singaporean twist to Hong Kong Cuisine. Wanton Mee is a form of wanton noodles served dry with some sweet sauce, meaty pork char and tongue-sizzling pork dumplings. You also get a bowl of soup to make it a complete meal with a lot of tongue-tickling flavors.

 3. Chilli Crab


Chilli Crab
It is the most famous local food here without a doubt. It can probably be revered as the face of the Singaporean cuisines. Fresh meaty crab in spicy-sweet chili sauce with deep-fried mantou – when you savor it, you get the most fulfilling experience on earth. You cannot go to Singapore and not have its famous Chilli Crab.

4. Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast

It makes a delicious sweet and healthy breakfast. Kaya is a jam made of coconut milk and flavored eggs with pandan leaf. If you’re in Singapore, you must try this amazing toast spread for a superbly refreshing change to regular breakfast spreads.

5. Fried Carrot Cake
Fried Carrot Cake

Yet another must-have for your sweet-tooth. The dessert is immensely popular in Singapore and Malaysia. It is made with eggs, chai poh or preserved radish and white radish flour cake. It is often flavored up with sweet sauce (molasses), or served as a crispy version with the cake fried beaten egg for a really crunchy texture.

6. Laksa
LaksaIt’s a rich delicacy, a kind of coconut soup made with exotic ingredients like cockles, shrimp, tau pok and fish cake. The creamy, rich –textured soup is served alongside rice noodles making it a sitably filling appetizing must-eat.

      • Bak Kut The
      • Wanton Mee
      • Chilli Crab
      • Kaya Toast
      • Fried Carrot Cake
      • Laksa