7 super-fun kids’ birthday party game ideas

Games are an integral part of a kid’s birthday party; it’s one activity in which all kids can participate and enjoy. Here then we are listing 8 super-fun kids’ birthday party game ideas for your reference:

7 super-fun kids’ birthday party game ideas

Crystal maze: Prepare a large area of the house and hide little instructions to lead the children from one clue to another before reaching the final prize. This game can be played in teams

Hide and seek: One kid is selected to find the others, who hide.

Musical chairs: Place chairs in a circle (one less than total no. of players) play music as kids rotate around the chairs, as music stops kids sit in the chair ahead of them. Kid without the chair is out.

Lucky dip: prepare a large carton with different gifts, cover it up so kids cannot see what’s inside. Now kids will (one by one) dig their hand into the box and pull out a gift for themselves.

Biggest smile contest: Measure the smile of all the kids in the party with a ruler, the kid with biggest smile wins.

Blind man’s buff: One child is blindfolded and he has to find the others.

Egg and spoon race: All children are lined up with a spoon in the hand and an egg on the spoon. Child that manages to take the egg without dropping to the other side of a marked area wins.

      • 7 super-fun kids’ birthday party game ideas