8 Great Places for A Fun-Filled Family Outing in Singapore

8 Great Places for A Fun-Filled Family Outing in Singapore pic

2015 is the year of 10 long weekends, a record in our books by far. Although this post comes a little late, there are still 6 long weekends for you to take advantage of this year! While I definitely recommend taking the occasional trip overseas, family outings are a great (and way cheaper) alternative. Admittedly, Singapore has relatively fewer attractions to offer, being a dwarf nation compared to our neighbours; finding new places to go in Singapore has become a perennial problem that haunts us with the dawn of yet another vacant weekend. But I know a couple of great places in Singapore that promise a fun-filled day for you and your loved ones – you might even be surprised by some of these places you’ve never thought of exploring before!

1. Kranji Countryside

 Kranji Countryside


 When I thought of my personal favourite family outing location, the first thing that came to mind was Kranji Countryside. When I visited Kranji Countryside for a staycation with my family at D’Kranji Farm Resort last December, I was pleasantly surprised by how much there was to do there, despite being tucked away in the relatively ulu Lim Chu Kang area. What I love most about Kranji Countryside is that it is home to many antiquated farms that we don’t typically see in our urban city setting. Kranji Countryside is reminiscent of simpler times, making me feel nostalgic for the old farm days, even though I was not even born yet then! Definitely take a trip down to Bollywood Veggies, a vegetable farm featuring a wide selection of greens and fruits, and decorated with quirky signs throughout the entire premises. Hay Dairies is another farm worth visiting – catch the goat milking sessions and buy home a few freshly squeezed bottles of goat’s milk at the end of the day!

2. Qian Hu Fish Farm
Qian Hu Fish Farm


 If you’re never gone for a fish spa before, then you’ve been missing out! Qian Hu Fish Farm is one of the cheapest places to get the full fish spa experience, as half an hour sessions will only set you back by $10 per pax. Even if the young ones are afraid of putting their feet into a pond of fish, they’re sure to be delighted by the prospect of longkang fishing! For just $6, your children will be armed with a fish tank, fish net and given 30 minutes to catch as many fishes as they can, which they can take home at the end of the day.

3. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden


Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is nestled within the Botanical Gardens, and is designed just for children to have fun! With a tree house, a dry play area as well as a water play area, this shady garden cum playground allows your children to learn and discover through play. Your children are sure to enjoy splashing in the water, muddying it out in the sandpit and working their way out of a hedge maze. After a fun afternoon at Jacob Ballas, you can also enjoy the faun and fauna in the gardens, or head over for some really good egg-centric brunch dishes at Hatched located nearby.

4. Downtown East

Downtown East


Downtown East is THE entertainment hub of the East. Even if you live in the other end of Singapore, it’s totally worth it to take the trip down to chill out one weekend. There is much to explore at the Downtown East, from the iconic Wild Wild Wet to the nearby Pasir Ris Park! Downtown East is also where you can find eXplorer Kid, a massive indoor playground for children, as well as a 25m high indoor ferris wheel. Fashion boutiques and other quirky stores are also abundant, for mothers who feel like doing a little bit of shopping as well. There’s something for everyone at Downtown East!

5. Westgate Wonderland

Westgate Wonderland


Westgate Wonderland is one of the newest giant outdoor playgrounds, joining the ranks of other mall playgrounds such the IMM Garden Plaza Playground and the VivoCity Playground. Here, you can watch your children having a ball of a time along with other kids, and for no charge too. Granted, this playground can be rather crowded during the weekends, but that only highlights how fun this playground must be. Watching your kids enjoying themselves is sure to make you bubble with laughter as well!

6. Forest Adventure, Bedok Reservoir Park

Forest Adventure, Bedok Reservoir Park


 Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park is a treetop adventure course for tree-climbing and zip-lining! Designed for you to monkey around and perfect your balancing skills, Forest Adventure lets you unleash the daredevil in you as you attempt death-defying stunts! Just kidding – everyone is securely hooked up to a harness, so you don’t have to worry about your cherubs suffering a dangerous fall while traipsing on tightropes several metres above the ground. This estimated 2.5 hour long adventure amongst the trees is a sure-fire bonding session, as the whole family tackles all 35 different obstacles together as a team.

7. Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Bukit Timah Saddle Club


Located at 51 Fairways Drive, Bukit Timah Saddle Club brings men and horses together. Here, your young children get to experience riding on ponies for just $10! Although these rides are short and only last about 5 minutes, it is a great way for your children more about their four-legged friends. After pony rides, the whole family can take a pit stop at Marmalade Pantry or Riders Cafe to bond over brunch and coffee. An ideal weekend spent, if you ask me.

8. Youth Scape Park

Youth Scape Park


Deceptively named as such, Youth Scape Park is not only made for youths, but for families as well! The newly opened Santa’s Igloo Cafe runs by the anti-cafe concept, whereby you pay for the time spent to enjoy all the facilities in the cafe. From a beanbag movie screening room to board games and even the Virtual Reality Oculus Rift headset all housed within its walls, Santa’s Igloo Cafe is the perfect way for you to spend quality time with your loved ones in a whimsical winter setting. For families who prefer a more adventurous afternoon, check out Trapped, a simulated Escape Room where you and your team of family members have to work together to find a way out of a locked room. An afternoon of laughter and screams, guaranteed!

There you have it – 8 great places in Singapore to explore with your beloved family. With it being SG50 this year, there are many activities in store for Singaporeans, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for exclusive events held island-wide as well. Fun can be found everywhere in Singapore, albeit in bite-sized pieces, and perhaps in places you never thought of exploring before.

The article is a guest contribution piece from local cashback-coupon site ShopBack.sg. Writer Sheryl Tey is an avid foodie who love exploring fun places in Singapore and writing about them. She currently blogs at https://www.shopback.sg/blog

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