8 Things We Really Love About Singapore

One of the safest places in the world, Singapore is a small yet developed nation. It has something to it that makes us all want to stay here forever!

Here are top reasons why we love Singapore so much.

1. The food


Why we crave for food in Singapore is the huge variety of restaurants with a global influence. In addition to Asian cuisines, these restaurants serve foods from the world over with their genuine greatness. Last but not the least, hawker food here will beat any food worldwide any day!

2. Changi International Airport

Changi International Airport


Flight delays and other issues might get you stuck at any airport in the world, but not the Changi International Airport, Singapore. This award-winning airport has made us used to wafting in and out without anything to hinder!

3. Clean, Safe Streets

Clean streets


‘Clean and safe’ is the first thing to pop up in mind when we think about Singapore. Sights of school kids walking back home without someone accompanying them explains why this country earned the tagline. Moreover, women walking around freely in the dark tell it all!

4. Clean Water


Not everywhere in the world we get pure tap water as pure to drink as in Singapore. One doesn’t have to walk to a water filter every time.

5. Cheap Transport



Buses drop you almost everywhere, and there’s no need for a taxi. The entire transportation system is cheaper compared to many other countries.

6. Shopping

Singapore Shopping

There are numerous places to go shopping. Markets in the city offer everything one may want to shop. Everything from designer clothes to electronic goods are affordable here.

7. The Weather

Weather in Singapore


Though a bit humid, weather here is better than too-hot and sub-zero temperature conditions of other countries. People are out for beach outings and picnics most of the time.

8. Beaches

Beaches in Singapore


Singapore is a green island in proximity to exotic beaches. East Coast, Sentosa and West Coast are the best in the world. You can spend hours laying and walking as long as you’ve got a good sunscreen!

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