Singapore Has The Highest Quality Of Life In Asian Country

You’ll be happy to realize that once again Singapore has been positioned as the top city in Asia as far as nature and quality of living are concerned according to global human resource consultancy Mercer. As indicated by the overviews done in the previous two versions, Singapore has been positioned as a first class city in Asia.

Singapore Life style

Singapore was 26th on the planet out of 230 urban areas positioned, unaltered from its positioning a year ago. On a yearly premise, the rankings are taken out where a few city’s elements are taken into consideration;

  • Political and social environment
  • Monetary environment
  • Medical and health contemplations
  • Recreational offices
  • Public services
  • Lodging
  • Moreover, Singapore was positioned on 8th universally and first, in Asia in Mercer’s own wellbeing positioning, whic...

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    Singapore’s 5 best Claypot Dishes -a special treat for your taste buds!

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    Stomp’s iPad app clinches old at Asian Digital Media Awards 2015

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    Mark 10th June on your calendars- Wing Zone to give away free wings to students this summer holiday

    Wing Zone to give away free wings to students this summer holiday

    It’s the end of the first semester for most students and this weekend marks the beginning of the summer school holidays. Wing Zone Singapore, in a bid to attract more students to patronize their stores will be offering free chicken wings to all students on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 at Bugis+ outlet only.

    Wing Zone to give away free wings to students this summer holiday

    Though still quite a while from the free giveaway, we suggest marking your calendars or leaving a reminder in your smartphones and come that day don’t forget to bring along your student pass for verification. You will be required to like their official Facebook page and Instagram account as well.

    The free wings giveaway will only be happening for a couple hours from 3pm to 5pm, no re-queueing is allowed.

    Enjoy your Summer Vacations :) 

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    Top 5 Easter Brunches in Singapore

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    Things to do in Singapore

    Apart from the daily activities and the hectic work schedules, it is important for you to rejuvenate yourself. While you are in an amazing place like Singapore, there is a lot you can add to your life. Read More