Save yourself! 2 More Funding Programs to Get SMEs Through the Apocalypse

Save yourself! 2 More Funding Programs to Get SMEs Through the Apocalypse

Everything is a little more expensive these days. Renovation is not cheap. Upgrading your equipment will cost a pretty penny. However, there is no need to panic/cough out blood/start looting. In the fourth and last round of our SME Special series, we will share with you two more funding programs that you should take advantage of, if you want to renovate, rebuild or refurbish your equipment, facilities or business venue. These programs are designed simply to help you have your cake and eat it too, whether or not the world ends.

They are the Renovation and Refurbishment (R&R) Deduction Scheme and the Micro Loan Program (MLP).

The Renovation and Refurbishment (R&R) Deduction Scheme allows firms to claim tax deductions on qualifying expenses for R&R works such as the following:

  • general elec...
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How can I get Singapore work visa?

Your Simple Singapore Working Visa Guide

How to Know What Type of Work Visa You Need

So you’ve heard the buzz about working in Singapore, and you need a visa guide so you know how to be part of the action.

It’s little wonder Singapore is such an attractive destination to work, given its global reputation as a world leader in business freedom and innovation. And that success is largely due to the fact that nearly 40% of its workforce is made up of foreign workers and students.

To entice the best and brightest foreign workers, Singapore’s work visas are generally allocated purely by your salary, making it a lot easier to apply compared to other countries. Despite this relative simplicity, when we had a look at the other Singapore visa guides on the internet, we felt that they weren’t exactly straightforward or clear.

So her...

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