Blog recommends Singapore citizenship recommends Singapore citizenship

According to’s blog on four high quality passports to attain, the Singapore passport is the most valuable travel document on the planet, and one that is to be coveted by any discerning global citizen. Singapore topped the list, followed by Brazil, Belgium and Israel.

According to the blog, a second citizenship is the ultimate insurance policy as it creates options. Should anything happen in the world, one will have a greater sense of security knowing that one has an alternative place to go.

Obtaining a second citizenship, however, requires three things i.e. money, time and flexibility from most people. As second citizenships are out of the budget for most people, obtaining citizenship through more flexible routes provide an extremely rapid path to naturalization.

So wh...

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Some Firms Seeking Greener Pastures: Chambers of Commerce

Some Firms Seeking Greener Pastures Chambers of Commerce

According to a recent Business Times report titled “Several foreign firms prepare to leave S’pore,” some international firms that have opted for Singapore company incorporation have begun to feel the weight of the labour measures effected last year and are shipping out.

Singapore’s American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), for example, supplied a manpower survey, which revealed that some 5% of its respondents have moved their operations overseas and 15% more are bracing to do so.

In addition, the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AustCham), has written a letter to Singapore’s Acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin early this week. This letter was written on behalf of eight other national chambers of commerce i...

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