Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

Bookkeeping Services in Singapore:
Finance is the lifeline of every successful business. A CFO is the linkage of this “lifeline” and you, the business owner. Unfortunately, the costs of a “real” and “experienced” CFO who can truly explain and interpret the numbers to the business owner is inhibiting, and the benefits unfortunately lies in “who you employ”, and how or whether you can fully utilize the CFO. The high costs associated with a good CFO can easily turn this advantage into a liability and makes the CFO unviable.

Lee & Hew’s Bookkeeping Services in Singapore can achieve even better results than hiring a full time CFO at a fraction of the costs. Led by qualified Chartered Accountants and Auditors – with Bookkeeping Services in Singapore customized based on your n...

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Survival Tips for Startup Business Owners in Singapore

Register a Company in Singapore for Foreigners

Singapore launched the Home Office Scheme (HOS) in 2001. The NUS Business School & Hong Kong Baptist University studied the scheme to reveal how the workplace flexibility offered by HOS is encouraging owners in starting a small business in Singapore. The scheme has helped many in starting an online business in Singapore, & they tend to become serial entrepreneurs.

 The studies revealed that the number of new Singapore business registrations, under the HOS, grew by 23%. Though a large number of them tend to exit in the first 2 years, some of them have long-term potential. The scheme is successful in establishing an enduring ecosystem & in encouraging the entrepreneurs in setting up a private limited company in Singapore.

Validate the Problem, Not the Solution

Whether you are planning to re...

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What to Look for in a Tuition Centre

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Top 5 things to do in Singapore in December.

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Tutoring Market around the World

Private tutoring has become a necessity for the students, whether it’s Singapore or the UK, to do well in exams. Here we have listed the world’s leading tuition markets and their revenue.Read More

3 Myths about Tuition Centres in Singapore Busted

If you are like most Singaporeans, you think that…

  • Tuition centres guarantee success.
  • Tuition centres with more toppers are good.
  • Tuition centres are only for average learner or underperformer.

If you think like that, you should think again. These are common misconceptions about tuition centres. To ensure efficient learning to your kids, you shouldn’t believe them anymore.

Here we have debunked such myths about tuition centres in Singapore.

Myth # 1: Tuition Guarantees Success


Most people think that tuitions are the way to improve the grades. Tuitions ensure good results only when a student is dedicated and shows interest in learning. Even a good tutoring doesn’t work unless a student shows interest and dedication...

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4 Books Every Kids Should Read at Elementary Level

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Learn Here How to Balance Your Kid’s Sports and Study

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Best Educational Mobile Apps for Students

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Smoke Detectors Will Be Compulsory for Home from 2018

The Government of Singapore has made it mandatory for all new residential homes to be equipped with smoke detectors from June, 2018.

It will be compulsory for all new homes to be equipped with smoke detectors from June 1, 2018. It is also required for the existing properties, which will undergo fire safety works like renovation after June.

The new law has been approved after the Government of Singapore’s recommendation of installing such alarms in home last October. The smoke detectors will be instrumental in alarming people during fire breakouts, thereby being useful in saving lives.

The requirement for smoke detectors will be enabled after June 1, 2018.

The size and layout of a residential unit will determine the number of smoke detectors...

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