Tuition and Tuition Centre are Not a Same Thing. Here’s Why

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4 Skills Your Kids Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten

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Why Small Group Tuition is More Beneficial for the Students?

A small group tuition means in simple words that small group of learning and to catch the knowledge. To work in a group has to be carefully planned and frequently required the best tutor to ensure the small group tuition progress. And in addition, learning in the groups and the group function that takes place and also necessary to be assessed and evaluated. The material learned and the knowledge gained is just as important as the group’s ability to achieve a goal. Facilitator skills are necessary, important and also require a tutor to ensure that both the tasks are touched and achieved and the group functioning is maintained.

The quality communication in groups such as helping attitude and information sharing causes groups to be superior up to the average individual in terms of the quali...

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Singapore’s innovative teaching skills of the 21st century!

Check out the best innovative teaching skills that Singapore has enhanced in the 21st century. Singapore aims at achieving high in education system. Singapore, with fully professional development and innovative models, has become one of the top notch countries on the PISA tests. Read More

Uniquely themed cafes and restaurants in Singapore

Check out some of the weird and amazing themed cafes in Singapore.

  • Selfie Coffee

  • NOX- Dining In The Dark

  • The Jungle Tandoor

  • Going Om

  • Labyrinth

  • Superhero Concept

    Enjoy these Weird places in Singapore 


8 Great Places for A Fun-Filled Family Outing in Singapore

8 Great Places for A Fun-Filled Family Outing in Singapore pic While we may be small in size compared to the rest of the world, when it comes to having the best attractions, Singapore is definitely are in the running. Touting one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world as well as one of the best zoos, and with the inception of the casinos and more theme parks in recent years, Singapore has definitely become a vibrant and fun-loving city. But of course, you probably already know that. Here are 8 other Great Places for a Fun-Filled Family Outing in Singapore that you may or may not have thought of exploring yourself! Read More

Singapore’s Top Romantic Restaurants

Excited about the Valentine’s Eve?? But, confused about where to take your beloved for a romantic dinner? Here is our guide to Singapore’s Top Most Romantic Restaurants which will add sparkles to your romance. Check out and decide the one which is best for you!

1. Halia@ Singapore Botanical Gardens:


The Halia Restaurant, located at the Botanic gardens in Singapore, is one of the perfect romantic places. Here, the couples can choose to dine being in the attractive garden setting. It is a western Cuisine and the specialty here is its Signature Chilean seabass fillet.

2. IL Lido Italian Dining:


IL Lido Italian restaurant has been consistently voted as one of the top restaurants and is the best Italian Food place in Singapore...

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7 super-fun kids’ birthday party game ideas

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Top 10 romantic restaurants in Singapore

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Six fun places to enjoy nature with family in Singapore

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