Champion Tutor Announces Tuition Coordinator Job Openings in Singapore

Champion tutors are in an expansion mode and looking for new employees to expand their services. They are looking for individuals who are passionate and resourceful as tuition coordinators.  Interested candidates should follow the next set of instructions.

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1. Filling up The Application

Interested candidates should send the company a cover letter, which states in not more than 250 words reasons for the company to hire them. The letter should be in email format and should be attached to a latest copy of the resume. The resume should have details about all previous work experiences. A personal photograph is a must with these documents. The company has specified that the resume should only be in word or pdf format. All applications need to be addressed to the

2. Job Responsibilities

At Champion Tutors client satisfaction is given utmost preference. All

tuition coordinators are expected to handle all requests promptly and ensure that the most optimal solution is suggested to the client. People who are selected are strictly barred from looking for potential clients on a personal basis. They are only required to work on the request forwarded by the company. He or she needs to coordinate with the tutor and work out the best arrangement in co-ordination with the parent and the child. Selection of the right tutor is the most critical part of this job.

3. Personality Traits

The company is looking for exceptionally motivated and responsible ind

ividuals. They should be serious about work and have a sense of ownership towards the company. Having good people handling skills to be able to handle tricky situations tactfully is an added advantage. They should be fluent and comfortable in English. Also a dedicated few hours on a daily basis are expected from them. Candidates can choose to work from home or elsewhere according to their comfort.

4. Salary and interview

The company is offering a tiered commission plan to all successful candidates.

The scope for commission is up to 50%, but depends entirely on the success rate of the individual. The interview will be conducted over the phone or online.

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Lim Chuwei is an English language teacher. Well versed with the latest e-learning technologies and nuances of teaching a foreign language, he’s now working to change the scope of language education in the country.If you want to work for part time or full time Tuition Coordinator Jobs, click here.