Engage your Kiddos in Learning these Summer Vacations

So, if you are wondering how to encourage your toddlers to learn something new while enjoying their trips, check out these amazing ways.

  • Singapore Zoo: Taking your kids to the Singapore Zoo to make them learn about the dependence of animals and their habitat for survival. For instance, by visiting the Pigmy Hippo the kids can explore the symbiotic relationship between the Hippo and the fish.
    Singapore Zoo
  • EcoGarden at Science Centre: One can explore various plants and trees that are used by the humans in the EcoGarden. Kids can explore things like how t-shirts are made out of cotton? Do we make a cotton t-shirt from a cotton plant?

    EcoGarden at Science Centre

  •  Fort Canning Park: The artefacts from the history, the Singapore River, Sir Raffle’s House – all this will transform your kids being into an early resident of Singapore and create a statue drama to re-enact life in Singapore during the 1300-1800s.

    Fort Canning Park

      • Fort Canning Park
      • Singapore Zoo
      • EcoGarden at Science Centre