Facts about the Lunar New Year 2015

This, most important and most festive holiday of the year, is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Lunar New Year

Read on some facts to know more about this day:

  • Greetings for this special day varies; in Mandarin it is “Gong xi fa cai” while for Contonese it is in “Gung hay fat choy”.
  • Based on the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year starts on 19th Feb and people enjoy this festival on the eve, i.e. 18th Feb.
  • While the Chinese zodiac is represented by a different animal and said to run on a 12-year cycle. It was a horse for 2014 and now its a Goat or Sheep, which is a symbol of love, peace, art and beauty.
  • The newborns in this year will be kind, pacifists, gentle and nurturing (as per the Chinese theory).
  • Another special addition to this celebration is the scrumptious and symbolic Chinese food, including sticky, dumplings (fried or boiled), savory rice cakes, fish (boiled, steamed, braised, whole or in chunks), sweet rice balls, longevity noodles, etc.
      • Lunar New Year