Forming the essence of educational systems worldwide!!

In different countries, different education systems are being followed. But if statistics are to be believed, most of them fail to achieve the substantial improvements. Although there are great differences in the details of policies, practice, political system and the cultural contexts as well yet, there are some common drivers of success.

Education SystemFind out the 3 big lessons for laying a strong foundation of educational system worldwide:

Commitment to Equity:

It is generally seen our leader proclaiming their commitment to equity. This should be implacable in our education systems too. A special focus is required on achieving equity in a strong and deliberate way. It has been seen that all high-performing systems make use of various approaches to minimize the impact of social background on the student achievement. Thus, it should be implemented all across the globe.

Effective Use of Resources:

It is not necessary that the high educational expenditures lead to high performance. In fact, it has been observed in many high-performing countries that the modest expenditures have done well. The reason being, they efficiently use their resources. For example, they don’t spend huge amount on buildings, sports, or organizing a special education functions. They just tend to make a difference with their professional development.

Global Orientation:

It is high time to recognize the significance of globalization in this digital. Developing a global and future orientation among the students, teachers and the leaders is a must. The modernizing curriculum must focus on working for the globalized world, not merely for their local communities. It is also important to emphasize on international benchmarking. Besides, searching the best practices and using benchmarking as a tool surely get hold of considerable results.

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