How to Help Kids with Exam Fear?

Exam time is a stressful event for most students, no matter if they are an A-grader or an average student. Parents also feel the heat of exam pressure as they are more worried over their kids results. Generally, a student shoulders the burden of expectations from both teachers and parents to do well in exams.  Then the fear of failure continuously haunts him and her.

Therefore, you as a parent should help your kids cope with exam pressure. Here’s how.

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations:

Setting expectations too high will pressurized the kids. Even worse, they may be panicked. For example, if your kid’s grades remain between C and B, it doesn’t make sense to expect A grade from him.

Recognize your kids existing performance and set your expectations accordingly.

Let Them Take a Break:

Study for long hours at a stretch will exhaust your kids both mentally and physically. Therefore, you should encourage them to take a few minutes break. They can play outside or talk with their friends. It refreshes up them and eases their stress. This way, they can come back with more energy and better concentration to their study desk.

Take Care of Their Sleep:

Make sure your kids are getting adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to adverse effects on their mind and body. Ask them to take at least 6-7 hours of sleep during night. Encourage them to use breathing and meditation so that they can keep themselves calm in stress.

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Help Them Plan Their Studies: 

If you are not good at this, you can approach a teacher to create a study schedule for examination. Make sure it covers all subjects and has a space for a rest time as well.

Above All, Your Support and Motivation Matters:

Try to create a positive environment around them. Don’t talk about what would happen if they fail the exam. Always support and encourage them so they can give their best.

In this way, you can help your kids deal with exam fear. And it translates into better results.