Learn Here How to Balance Your Kid’s Sports and Study

Have your kids opted for sports in school? It means that they must be struggling to balance sports and study. Well, it happens as it is not easy for them to pace up with academics while playing sports or doing practices. However, the motive of sports is to aid their academics, not hinder it. Therefore, you as a parent must help them balance the both things. And tips given below will help you in this direction.



  • Plan a Schedule for Them:

This is a great way to manage their time. Generally, school provides syllabuses as student moves to new school year chalking out holidays, due dates and exams.

Moreover, sports practices and games are also outlined in this holiday plan. This way, you can determine and plan the schedule accordingly for your kids. For example, if their soccer practice is on Monday and Friday, ask them to use Sunday and Thursday evenings to study.

  • Tell them to Use Their Weekends Wisely:

The weekend is a suitable time for study and exam preparation. Tell them to start assignments for the upcoming week. Make sure they are reading chapters and taking notes ahead of time. This time can also be used to plan for and prepare for due assignments and papers.

  • Are they procrastinating?

They should do homework and project as soon as they are given, rather than delaying it for last minute.

  • They Can Use Free Periods and Study Halls:

Kids can catch up on assignments or projects using their free times. One more thing, school environment will help them focus on the study. They can utilize school resources like library or the school tutor’s program designed for the athletes.

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