Learn Something New From The Museums

Parents in Singapore can choose from museums on science, art, history or art. When planning an interactive day with their child, a visit to the museum can be very enlightening. And these museums do not qualify for the title of boring from any angle.

Read on to know about some interesting museums you can take your child to.

1. The Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum

If you have older children, this is the museum for them. It holds the largest collection of South East Asian art in contemporary form. So huge is the collection that at one time only 5% is displayed.

2. The Science Central


The exhibits here are hands-on and interactive. Hence, young children get very engrossed. The learning experience can be termed educational and fun at the same time.

3. The Art Science

The Science Central

The perfect place for parents and elder children to spend a quiet day. The gallery holds exhibitions for some of the best known names in the art industry.

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      • The Science Central
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