Mountain Climbers, Filmmaker Awarded Singapore Youth Award

Once a year, the National Youth Council of Singapore (NYC) recognizes outstanding efforts of young guns of the nation by presenting prestigious Singapore Youth Awards (SYA). The honor is recognized as nation’s highest tribute for youth as it acknowledges their efforts and vision.

This time, the esteemed award was presented to six worthy personalities and a team for their exceptional performance in their respective professional sectors and highly encouraging contribution to the society at large.

Individuals Who Were  Awarded the Prestigious Singapore Youth Award  

Mountain Climbers, Filmmaker Awarded Singapore Youth Award

Filmmaker – Anthony Chen

Acknowledged globally for his award winning movie llo llo (2013), Chen is an exceptional Singaporean film director and producer.

Mountaineer – Jane Lee Zhen Zhen

Lee is the first female from Southeast Asia to scale all Seven Summits and is also famous for her writing works.

Doctor – Kumaran Rasappan

Dr. Kumaran scaled Mount Everest for charity purposes and became the first Singapore-born Indian to do so.

Athlete – Nurulasyiqah Mohammad Taha

Nurulasyiqah is a Singaporean handicapped boccia player who won the bronze in 2010 Lisbon Para-Olympics.

Clinician scientist – Dr Iain Tan

Dr. Tan is a specialized research scientist who is widely acknowledged for his inspiring works.

Co founder of Timbre Group – Edward Chia 

Recognized for his active participations in youth, sports and arts doings in Singapore, Mr. Chia has represented the country on three occasions at the ASEAN +3 YOUTH Forum.

University – YMCA Singapore:

The YMCA Singapore group was awarded the SYA Team Award for their exceptional efforts for the society by promoting leadership in youths.

Inspiring Efforts and Exceptional Community Works

Complimenting their inspiring efforts, each personality had a success story with encouraging lessons for the approaching ages.

Dr Kumaran, the first Singapore-born Indian to scale the Everest for charity purposes, described the whole project as a task that he approached personally. During media interactions, Dr. Kuamran elucidated how his childhood plan developed into a fund raising project.

All through his professional career, Dr. Kuamran encountered several patients who were unaided and couldn’t afford medical bills. As an assistant, Dr. Kuamran took no-pay leave for a year 2011. In that period, he scaled the Everest and six other mountains around the world.

His efforts helped in raising funds worth $40,000 and the sum was used to help the needy.

Ms Nurulasyiqah, who won two gold medals in ASEAN Para Games, had several inspirational anecdotes to discuss. She illustrated her earlier lifestyle and explained how Boccia has altered her daily life. The game has assisted her with better decision making sense and mental empowerment.

Ms Nurulasyiqah, who now volunteers at the Muscular Dystrophy Association, took award as an avowal of her efforts and supporters who she believes made her dreams come real.                  

      • Mountain Climbers, Filmmaker Awarded Singapore Youth Award