Music Education in Singapore

The MEP is a challenging programme that involves both theoretical and practical study. Children who successfully complete this program get an in-depth knowledge of composing, performing and creating music. The study material caters to children from diverse cultural backgrounds. The level of music education Singapore is all set to be raised by the introduction of this programme.

Music Lessons in Singapore
Let’s look at the details of this programme in detail.

1. Duration of the Course

Children, who enroll for MEP, are eligible for the GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Music Examination, after four years of study. Selected students take MEP, in replacement of home economics and technology and design, at the lower secondary level.

2. Equivalent to Humanities

Children and parents should note that Higher Music in the GCE ‘O’ Level will be considered as a humanities subject by the board. The grades received in music can be used at the time of admission to a Central Institute or Junior College. There are many coaching institutes offering music lessons in Singapore.

3. Qualifications required

Children who are interested in pursuing an education in Music should opt for it in school itself. To take up music in Junior College the following qualifications are required-

  • The student should have passed grade Five Practical’s and Grade Six theory or practical form the ABRSM – Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
  • Or the equivalent from any other boards, with certificates to support the claim
  • Have passed ‘o’ level in Music
  • Passed the written selection test and practicals for auditions for a particular instrument. The selection for which was made at school or MEP.

4. Relieve the stress

The main reason for the introduction of this course is to relieve the stress of education, from children to some extent. Pursuing music can be a stress buster and a vent for creative juices to flow too. Parents should encourage children to opt for it from a young age.

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