Music – Leading The Way To Success For Kids!

Music has affected lives in various ways. And now the studies have proved that the children undertaking music training can improve in their school lessons as well.

Recently, a team of researchers from the Northwestern University concluded that after two years of music lessons the brain of children appears to have built up more response to speech sounds. And this further leads to improvement in language and reading skills.music_110002317-011314int

The research was initiated with analyzing 44 children of age group six to nine. They all were sent to public schools and resided in a low-income area. The study team collaborated with Harmony Project and free music teaching was provided.  The kids involved were then divided into two groups. The first group, initiated with the classes of two hours per week. They learnt various music fundamentals and to play the recorder. And, the second group was kept on hold for a year before starting their lessons.

The results were astounding and they unveiled that there are positive biological effects of the musical training on the children’s brain. The research team, every year evaluated the children’s ability to process speech and it was found that the children who went for two years of lesson have a better improvement in their ability to differentiating some similar sounds. Besides, the experts believe music is also helpful filling the academic gap between rich and poor!

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