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Uniquely themed cafes and restaurants in Singapore

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  • Selfie Coffee

  • NOX- Dining In The Dark

  • The Jungle Tandoor

  • Going Om

  • Labyrinth

  • Superhero Concept

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Mark 10th June on your calendars- Wing Zone to give away free wings to students this summer holiday

Wing Zone to give away free wings to students this summer holiday

It’s the end of the first semester for most students and this weekend marks the beginning of the summer school holidays. Wing Zone Singapore, in a bid to attract more students to patronize their stores will be offering free chicken wings to all students on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 at Bugis+ outlet only.

Wing Zone to give away free wings to students this summer holiday

Though still quite a while from the free giveaway, we suggest marking your calendars or leaving a reminder in your smartphones and come that day don’t forget to bring along your student pass for verification. You will be required to like their official Facebook page and Instagram account as well.

The free wings giveaway will only be happening for a couple hours from 3pm to 5pm, no re-queueing is allowed.

Enjoy your Summer Vacations :)