If you are a party freak, a pub hopper or simply love to drink for no reasons, you would probably be thinking Singapore is not a place where you can do a lot. But you could not be more wrong. The country has a lot to offer. Find out some interesting details here.

Singapore is recognised as a country with high living standard and a fully housed population. The vibrant and thriving tourism industry makes it more popular than ever. And now there is one more reason why the country is in news again.

Do you know Singapore is the leading drinking capital of Asia?

Yes, you read that right! According to the second annual ranking of Asia’s 50 Best Bars (announced recently) the country scores highest in the list of drinking nations.

The results say it all…

In the same list, Manhattan bar at the Regent Singapore took over the first position. Last year, it was 28 Hong Kong Street to outshine. However, it is now placed at fourth position.

The best part is that around 13 bars from Singapore alone make up to the list of top 50. Among these 13, there are five new entries;

  • Atlas, which is a 12th position
  • Employees Only Singapore, at 17th position
  • Native, at 20th position
  • Nutmeg & Clove, at 30th position
  • The Other Room, at 35th position

As far as other nations are concerned, China and Hong Kong have also made a strong showing. Collectively, they got a total of 12 bars on the list. While 4 were from China and 8 were from Hong Kong.

Along this, 18 new entries also made their presence felt in the list this year. The major ones include;

  • Taiwan’s Indulge Experimental Bistro, at 5th position
  • Mumbai’s Aer Bar & Lounge (India), at 37th position

So, there is no dearth of drinking places in Singapore. Enjoy!