Singapore Spends $1 Billion on Tuitions Every Year

Let’s read a little more about the survey that was done on 11000 households.


1. Figures Have Doubled In A Decade

A decade ago the figure was $650 million and alarmingly it has reached 1 billion now.

2. Extensive Survey

The Department of Statistics had carried out this survey from October 2012 till the end of September last year.

3. Average Household Spending

The average household spending was $54.70 a decade ago and is now $79.90.

4. Rise in Number of Households

As obvious in the last decade the number of households has also risen. The figure today is 1.2 million, compared to 993,000 a decade ago.

3. Mushrooming Of Tuition Centers

The number of tuition centers has also risen considerably. Singapore today has 850 tuition centers compared to 700 in 2012. Most of them have branches too.

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