Singaporean Cuisine: Diversity in Food

Try some of the local favorites that Singapore is famous for:

  • Chicken Rice: Roasted or steamed chicken with a serving of flavored rice cooked in chicken broth, traditionally served with three sauces – chili sauce, crushed ginger, and a thick dark soy sauce.


  • Roti Prata: Roti Prata is a famous local Indian dish.  Made of flour, topped with various toppings such as egg, cheese, onion and others out of which the plain or egg Prata are the most popular. The Prata can be ordered with a plate of mutton curry or curry chicken that goes with Teh Tarek (a local milk tea).


  • Katong Laksa: From the Peranakan culture, Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup. Laksa is thick rice vermicelli served with curry gravy made from spices for fragrance, chilly for heat, coconut milk for that creamy rich mouth feel and tiny dried prawns for that umami kick. It in one of the tastiest food of Singapore.


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