Singapore’s five must-visit places for a perfect family holiday

There is some really fun stuff that you can check out throughout Singapore. We guess top five places for family activity on a family holiday would definitely include the following:

  1. Jurong Bird Park: It’s the largest bird park you’ll find in whole world with over 5,000 birds across stunning 400 spices. The Waterfall Aviar is a wonderful place to walk with your family.Jurong Bird Park
  2. Port of Lost Wonder: It’s Singapore’s first beachside kids’ club and trusts us; it’s worth visiting with your family. Kids love to explore water-play areas. Don’t they?
  3. River Safari: New River Safari is Asia’s first and, perhaps, the only river-themed wildlife park, which makes it a must-visit place. You and your family would find it amusing to witness over 5,000 aquatic and terrestrial creatures.
  4. Snow City: Snow City is a must-visit place in the hot weather conditions of Singapore. It’s completely indoor facility where you and your family could enjoy skiing, snow-tubing, snowboarding, etc.
  5. Night Safari: With over 2500 animals in the compound, it’s an amazing and unique experience to watch wildlife in a nocturnal environment.
      • Jurong Bird Park