Singapore’s innovative teaching skills of the 21st century!

After getting an independence in 1965, more than half of its population was uneducated and unskilled. The government invested in education, and by the early 1970s, all children had access to lower secondary education. In 2009, it was for the first time that Singapore participated in International Student Assessment (PISA) tests. Now, moving on with innovative technology trends, Singapore’s education is growing at faster pace!

innovative teaching skills

Here are the teaching skills for 21ST Century;

For Vietnam Seminar..

National curriculum activities to raise the standard of education, providing a successive skill for kids in the modern world.

Outlining digital change for all encompassing education change to offer students with developing 21st century aptitudes.

Rousing child’s innovative and creative energy through inventive educating and learning in schools.

The seminar aims to:

Redesign strategy creators and educational professionals on imaginative educating and figuring out how to improve student’s profound learning abilities.

To offer networking and sharing strategy to best practices to achieve best educating and learning.

To offer dialog among key players around planning the digital change for education change.

Expected Outcome:

Students or teachers who participate in seminars get the better understanding for future changes made in social economics. These are considered as the best practices for the 21st century to develop excellent skills in education.


      • innovative teaching skills