Smoke Detectors Will Be Compulsory for Home from 2018

The Government of Singapore has made it mandatory for all new residential homes to be equipped with smoke detectors from June, 2018.

It will be compulsory for all new homes to be equipped with smoke detectors from June 1, 2018. It is also required for the existing properties, which will undergo fire safety works like renovation after June.

The new law has been approved after the Government of Singapore’s recommendation of installing such alarms in home last October. The smoke detectors will be instrumental in alarming people during fire breakouts, thereby being useful in saving lives.

The requirement for smoke detectors will be enabled after June 1, 2018.

The size and layout of a residential unit will determine the number of smoke detectors. It will be added to the updated Fire Code to be released next year.

requirement for smoke detectors

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The Government has confirmed that it will install the smoke detectors in Housing and Development Board (HDB) rental flats without having the tenants to pay additional costs. The plan will cover over 50,000 rental properties across Singapore, though the installation is expected to be completed by 2021. Besides, smoke detectors will be placed in on-going public housing projects.

The existing Fire Codes has made it mandated for the high rise buildings that provide accommodation like hospitals and hotels, to install automatic fire alarm devices, while public and private residential properties are relieved from this rule.

The updated Fire Code will require large unmanned sites like warehouses to be equipped with an image fire detection system.

“With video imaging, building owners will be able to quickly ascertain the presence and extent of the fire and activate the appropriate response plans. False alarms can also be easily verified,” said Mrs Josephine Teo, Second Ministers for Home Affairs.

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