Why Should You Go for a Study Tour in Singapore?

Singapore is a dynamic city rich in contrast, vibrancy, and color where you will find a harmonious blend of distinctive cultures, art, cuisines, and architecture. Singapore is rich and modern yet charming, West but also East, sophisticated yet laidback. It is able to exude cosmopolitan vibes balanced with timeless traditions.

It offers everyone great variety of needs and caters to every whim, from Universal Studios which is great for family fun, historical architecture in Chinatown and Little India, buzzing metropolitan in its CBD area, world class entertainment in Marina Bay Sands, electrifying nightlife at Clarke Quay, shopping paradise alongside Orchard Road, and a variety of local food which comes from different cultural heritage. Singapore in simple words wows the visitor in every way.
Singapore is simply a bliss with variety of flavors. However, one area that is often neglected by the foreigners is education. It is undeniable that Singapore boasts the BEST education system and institutions in the whole of Asia. Its top universities, NTU and NUS, constantly rank in the top 3 in Asia and top 20 in the world. Thus, enrolling in a study tour in Singapore will offer any international students with a blend of experience between world class entertainment with top education.

 Study Tour in SG

Study tour

Study tours allow visiting for the international students and the opportunity to take classes and to interact with students from other countries and that can improve the knowledge of the students because they will experience both academic and social environment. Study tour group can join either closed group or open group classes for up five weeks on a social visit pass.
Study tour programs also include:
• General English or conversational classes
• Introduction on Singapore Culture
• Writing essay and presentation skills in English
• Tour on tourist or heritage sites
• Social activities and recreational like sports activities, team buildings activities
• Tour on top academic institutions, etc

Open-group and closed-group Study Tour

One way of enriching for students the study tour experience is for participants to join open-group classes with students from other countries. This will give them the opportunity to interact fully in open environment with people from a variety of different cultural backgrounds and from other countries to maximize the chance that they will use English because they are probably from different countries and will have different native languages.
Another type is by closed-group classes, in which the organizer will provide a personalized timetables and curriculum for a specific group of students coming from a particular country. The advantage of a closed-group study tour is that it will be more flexible to arrange the flight dates and accommodation, personalized timetable, and also customized curriculum content to make it suitable for this group of students.

Any recommendation for a Study Tour in Singapore?

One of the best Study Tour provider in Singapore is ST Education Lab. It offers both closed-group and open-group study tour in Singapore packages for an exclusive price. You may visit them at https://www.st-edulab.com/study-tour-in-singapore/ to find out more.

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