Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

The Chinese folks give their food symbolic importance. Next time you drop in at a Chinese Restaurant in Singapore remember that noodles stand for longevity, fish for prosperity and oyster for a good fortune.

Every nook and corner of Singapore’s mainland has exquisite Chinese restaurants, but if you want to know about the best, here’s a list of the top 5.

1. Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

1.	Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

The Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant specializes in Cantonese delicacies and currently there are seven different outlets in Singapore, where you CAN try your luck at grabbing a place without waiting in a queue. The best they serve is the Double-Boiled shark’s bone cartilage soup with Roast pork cubes. Residents of Singapore can also ask them for catering and banquet services for social gatherings and social events.

2.  Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung

A must for any visitor in Singapore, Din Tai Fung has been ranked in the list of top 10 best Chinese Restaurants in the world by the New York Times. The restaurant is an international chain with outlets in a number of countries including Taiwan, which is also the home town of its origin. People stand in long queues to lay hands on the famous ‘xiao long baos,’ which are nothing but special Chinese steamed Buns.

3. Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood

If you like seafood with a twist of Chinese, Jumbo Chinese in Singapore is the place for you. The best it serves is the Chinese style Chili Crabs. It is also very popular for local Chinese style cuisines that include preparations like salted egg golden prawn with minced garlic, and several types of dumplings stuffed with seafood.

4. Cherry Garden

Cherry Garden

Another Chinese restaurant that specializes in Cantonese food, Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental Singapore is extremely popular for its roasted pork belly and cherry wood charcoal roasted duck. Add to the good food, the spacious interiors of the restaurant covered in dark wood beams and paneling make the ambiance warmer and more inviting.

5. Wing Seong Fatty’s
Wing Seong Fatty’s has only recently completed 20 years in Singapore. The restaurant located at the Bencoolen Street also specializes in Cantonese style cuisines. The best dish to lay your hand on is the Har Cheong Kai, which is simply chicken cooked in prawn sauce. Why people also rate the restaurant so highly is because of its large servings that provide a hearty meal for the hungry soul.

      • 1.	Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant
      • Din Tai Fung
      • Jumbo Seafood
      • Cherry Garden
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