Tuition and Tuition Centre are Not a Same Thing. Here’s Why

Are you looking for extra classes?

Tuition or tuition centre? Which one will you prefer?

You must be thinking that both are the same thing. But actually, they aren’t, despite the fact that both forms are provided to students after the school.

They are different in terms of attention being given to the students, approach and atmosphere. Let’s unlock the key differences between tuition and a tuition centre.


First of all, a tuition centre is conducted at a place with classroom facilities like chair, desks and a blackboard. Generally, the centre keeps faculty to teach the students. It is just like a school after school. A private tuition can be provided at any place—usually at a student’s home.


Generally, tuition centres have a large batch and each may contain anywhere from 10-15 students. Private tutors accept 1-4 students at a time.

This way a tutor ensures more personal attention to the students. However, a student may not get enough focus due to packed classroom at a tuition centre.


Generally, a tuition centre charges SGD 30 to SGD 55 as hourly rate. Private tutors can set the tutoring rate on the basis of experience and results. Sometimes it can be even SGD 100 per hour.


Tuition centres have their own timings and may be at the distance, requiring students to be punctual and regular. That’s not a case with private tutors. They can be scheduled according to your availability.

So, Which One is Right for You?

After going through the above given differences, you must be contemplating over the right tutoring form. Find a private tutor in Singapore if you are looking for personalized tutor at the comfort of your home. Tuition centre are a right fit if you study better in a classroom like environment. Plus, they are usually cheaper than a private tutor.