Tutoring Market around the World

Whether it’s Singapore or the USA, private tutoring or after school tutoring has become a necessity for the students to boost their academic performance. The enormous growth of tuition centres is fuelled by the factors like ever challenging syllabus, competitive environment and parents’ endeavour to provide best possible education.

No wonder that more than half students worldwide are taking extra classes. By geography, the tutoring market has been categorized into the USA, Europe and Asia. These segments held over 90% of international private tutoring market in combined.

In Asia, more than 50% primary school students have been enrolled in private tutoring. China’s tutoring market has been valued at $75 billion in 2016 and is expected to be more than double by 2021.

In South Korea, nearly $20 billion are spent annually on tuitions, making it the largest tuition industry than those of any European country. South Korea holds 15% of the entire tuition market. Singapore is the fastest growing tuition industry with 1 billion annual revenue and 70% students being enrolled in tuitions.

Britain has the most profitable tuition industry in Europe as the local tuition centres generate 2 billion pound in a year.

Tuition industry in the USA is has been valued at 5 billion USD, thanks to the introduction of technological revolution and federal programs like NO Child Left Behind.

Nearly 90% students in India have opted for tuitions while the revenue is pegged at 15.38 billion dollar. With 20% students in tuition classes, Australia has 6 billion USD tuition market.

To conclude, private tuition market is on the way to become a major industry in upcoming years.