UK educators inspired by Singapore style of teaching mathematics

Offering a rich spectrum of courses, Singapore has emerged as an international education hub. And now the nation inspires other countries, making them follow Singapore’s teaching pattern. Find out details here.

Singapore style of teaching mathematics

Do you know there are only a few countries in the world to offer a more alluring blend of education?

Undoubtedly, Singapore is the one which not only serves with world class education but also make efficient of cutting edge technology to empower kids here. Despite of a vibrant cosmopolitan culture, the country offers young students and ambitious professionals with excellent exposure. And this is the biggest reason why even the leading nations follow Singapore’s education system.

The World Follows Singapore Teaching Style…

Yes, it is true! Do you know Singapore’s teaching style for mathematics is already being used in thousands of schools across the United States? Not only this, there are 15 countries, including South Africa, Netherlands, Brunei and many more which are using customised textbooks based on Singapore maths. Going beyond, now, it is making way to British schools as well. How?

For past two years, the Inspire Mathematics series of textbooks, which has been adapted from the Singapore’s books, have been used in 70 British primary schools by the Department for Education. And it was found that they were effective in helping the children.

To attribute this success the British government is now investing another £41 million to fund a network of “mastery specialist teachers”. So, in the next few years, you can expect the Singapore style of teaching maths to reach around 8,000 primary schools in Britain.

The Inspire Maths Series Helping Children To Master…

In a research conducted by the Oxford University Department of Education, it was found that after adoption of Singapore-style methods, the British schoolchildren made a significant progress in maths. When taught in the Singapore way, focusing on mastering core principles, the pupils shot ahead of their peers.

It is referred to as the “mastery” method in Britain. Incorporating core concepts like times tables, addition and subtraction, it follows an ideology to break down the entire stuff into small steps and use real-life objects to explain things better!

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