What to Look for in a Tuition Centre

If you are like most parents, you must be looking for tuition for your kids. In fact, tuition has been a vital part of the country’s education system. According to one survey, 80% of parents in Singapore consider tuition to help their kids improve grades. Further, 46% of parents believe that tuition is important for their kids to stay competitive.

With there are 850 registered MOE tuition centres plus unauthorized tuition centres in Singapore, finding the tuition centre is easier than before.

However, make sure to choose the right one. A right tuition centre ensures quality education with qualified faculties and essential amenities. Here are the tips to find such tuition centres in Singapore.

Prefer an MOE-registered Tuition Centre:

The mushroom growth of tuition centres has provided thousands of options to choose from. However, prefer the one which is registered by the MOE. Firstly, the qualifications of the tutors are assessed by the MOE. Besides, the structure of the building and other facilities should be according to its guidelines. Here is a list of tuition centres being authorized by the MOE in Singapore.

Does It Match Your Kid’s Learning Pace?

Choose the tuition centre which can pace up with your kid’s learning ability. For example, sending your failing kid to the tutors being accustomed to high achievers may not work. In this scenario, you’ll have to look for someone who has expertise in tutoring the average students.

Prefer Smaller Class Size:

This is because smaller class size ensures better personal attention to the students. Besides, teachers will be able to answer their every question. This way, smaller class size leads to more productive learning environment.

Type of Notes:

Notes or study material are useful for the students. Make sure the tuition centre provides the notes personally created by a tutor. This is because these notes are of higher quality and updated as well.